Monday, 18 July 2011

Cubana Gwalia - Exhibition St David's Cathedral

Having a crazy evening after a crazy day finishing off works for the exhibition which starts at The Cloisters Gallery, The Refectory StDavid's Cathedral tomorrow. Official opening at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th July do come along if you can. On for two weeks and what with the gallery and cafe being really busy right now all is chaos.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Cheery Pickles at Tenby Museum Gallery

This Saturday (23 April) I have been asked to open Cherry Pickles new exhibition at Tenby Museum. Feel priviledged to see her new work and to hear how she created the pieces. Great to see painting put in its true placein todays art world and gaining ground. Come and see the exhibition if you can. for details.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Exhibition Waterfront Gallery Milford

Working towards April's exhibition of printing works at Waterfront Gallery Milford and retrospective at the Refectory Gallery St Davids in August.

Driving Heather mad too about my concert at The Cathedral on 27th August 2011 - she says buy tickets early so that you get them. Always optomistic my wife!

Salsa nights for parties (up to 30) with buffets are working well at Lavender Cafe, attached to Gallery. Lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves and I enjoy it too.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas is here

Only two days to go and I am feeling homesick. Have just emailed pictures of the snow to Cuba. I remember the first time I saw it. I came here in January 1991 and was walking up Kensington High Street when I look on my shoulder and there was all this white stuff. I went to brush it off and found it was wet "Oh its snow" I thought. I had only read about it before or seen it in pictures and on paintings. Sounds strange but in the Carribean we don't get any!

My fingers get cold though and I am back to wearing several pairs of long socks and two pairs of trousers! Heather laughs at me. Have had to move the piano into the gallery as the workshop has no heating. It isn't the one in this picture unfortunately. This is the one I will be playing at the Cathedral in St Davids on Augst Bank Holiday Saturday 2011. Am well into writing the concert now and find it hard to stop to sleep!

Have a good Christmas everyone. See you in 2011. I hope it will be a great year for us all.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Pembrokeshire Weather Report

Just hear from St Davids Cathedral that we have been given a night - August Bank Holiday Saturday 2011 - for the second part of Pembrokeshire Weather Report. Am expecting to have a wonderful barritone singer from Cardigan this time. What a voice! Also a friend of mine is going to annotate the music for me so that musicians will have an easier time!!!

Looking forward to a quiet Winter to write the music and get a lot of painting done. Planning more veg growing next year too.

Hope everyone is well.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Music mania!!!!!!!!

people keep ringing up asking when we are playing so am going to put it on the blog: Last Friday of every month 9pm Harbour Inn, Solva - lots of local musicians joining in: 30th June Lavender Cafe including supper for Pembrokeshire Fish Week £15 for two courses and music: 4th July Pembroke Festival; 14th August Fishguard Arts Society at Tregwynt Mansion - wonderful setting and party atmosphere; end August Aberjazz (see plus salsa workshop over the weekend; 4th September Small World Theatre.

There may be other bits but not sure yet. Come along and enjoy. Contact 01437 721907 for more details. Tickets for Tregwynt Mansion from Seaways Bookshop in Fishguard or Raul Speek Gallery Solva.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

London, mobile phones and Gilbert and George

Went to London with Heather while she went on a course and couldn't believe the number of mobile phone there were.. All these smart efforts like Apple and people sitting with friends at cafe tables tapping away on phone and not talking to one another. Or walking in the street and not looking where they are going. Big difference to Pembrokeshire. here (Solva) we dont have a signal most of the time so I guess we are behind everyone else. Fell out big time with two guys in the cinema who key tapping away all the time - either they want to see the film or they dont and if they dont they should buzz off outside and let everyone else enjoy themselves uniterrupted.

Went to Tate Modern - great to get myself up to date on what is happening there and also had lunch with Gilbert and George. They are so lovely and always the same - very kind to me and I like to make sure they are well for they are part of my excitement about art in the UK.

Glad to get back home in the end. Planning Salsa course here in the Chapel starting early April. Heather says I'm crazy - too many things happening at once.